Communities: Experience Cloud, New Audience Criteria, Enhanced Build Your Own (LWC) Template, and Better Guest User Security

Our elves have been hard at work this release delivering new features and enhancements. We’re revamping our image and introducing our new name: Experience Cloud. Take advantage of more granular audience criteria that let you vary record detail pages based on record fields. The latest Build Your Own (LWC) template is packed with changes, including support for an upgraded version of Lightning Locker, custom URL paths, and SEO. And your data is more secure than ever with the enforcement of several guest user security settings that were introduced in previous releases.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions



There’s lots of Lightning striking Salesforce these days—Lightning Experience, the Lightning framework, Lightning web components—and it can be tricky to know how it all applies to Communities. Here's the rundown.

Lightning communities use the same underlying technology as Lightning Experience—namely, the Lightning Platform and Lightning components—but you aren’t required to enable Lightning Experience to use them.

Also check out the Lightning Components section of the release notes for changes that affect community users.