Actionable Relationship Center: Manage Complex Relationships and Related Lists

Create and edit account and contact relationships and other related records in one convenient interface using Actionable Relationship Center (ARC). ARC displays complex relationships and related lists at-a-glance. Now you can create and edit relationships and related records from the same interface. ARC now does nearly everything the Relationship Map component can do, and displays related lists also.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions where Financial Services Cloud is enabled.

Why: It’s often faster and easier to manage data from one dynamic component than by switching among multiple pages. You can now perform common relationship management tasks directly in the ARC interface.

How: Assign the Financial Services Cloud Extension permission to users or user profiles that need access to ARC. Then use Lightning App Builder to place the ARC - Financial Services Cloud standard component onto an account or contact page layout.

Click the ARC tab on an account page to view relationships and related records for that account. Click an item that represents an account or contact to see its details and expand its own account and contact relationships.

The ARC interface shows relationships with accounts and contacts

When a contact is the primary member of a household or group, ARC shows a Primary Member indicator on the card.

Use the New button on an account, contact, relationship, or related list card to create a new relationship or record. Take advantage of contextual menus and the Edit Relationship menu item to change relationship details.

The ARC interface showing a context menu

Cards can be expanded or collapsed to let you see the information you need in one view.

The ARC interface showing collapsed cards for a business account