Ensure IE11 Lightning Experience Users Can’t Access Salesforce Classic

If your org doesn’t have extended support for Internet Explorer 11, Lightning Experience–only users working in IE11 can no longer access Salesforce Classic. Previously, after receiving a message regarding the lack of support for IE11, user could choose to go to Salesforce Classic. Now the error message suggests that the user switch to a Lightning Experience–supported browser, and the user can no longer proceed to Salesforce Classic.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in all editions.

Who: This change applies if all the following criteria are met.

  • Your org doesn’t have extended support for IE11.
  • A user has access only to Lightning Experience, either because the user or the org doesn’t have access to Salesforce Classic.
  • A user is working in the IE11 browser.

Why: Salesforce wants to ensure that users who only have access to Lightning Experience can’t access Salesforce Classic pages.

If you plan on continuing to use IE11 with Lightning Experience at your company, Salesforce recommends opting in for extended support for IE11 until December 31, 2020.