Stream and Store Event Data in Near Real Time (Generally Available)

With the new Real-Time Event Monitoring feature, you can stream and store event data and create transaction security policies for several new events in Salesforce, all in real time. When you enable Real-Time Event Monitoring, you automatically get Enhanced Transaction Security—Salesforce’s latest and greatest feature for creating transaction security policies. Use Event Manager to view and monitor events in your org.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions where Event Monitoring is enabled.

Who: Available to customers who purchased a Salesforce Shield or Salesforce Event Monitoring add-on subscription. To view or manage events, enable the View Data Leakage Detection Events user permission.

Why: With Real-Time Event Monitoring, you can subscribe to these streaming events in Salesforce.
  • ApiEventStream
  • LightningUriEventStream
  • ListViewEventStream
  • LoginAsEventStream
  • LoginEventStream
  • LogoutEventStream
  • ReportEventStream
  • UriEventStream
  • MobileEmailEvent (new in this release)
  • MobileEnforcedPolicyEvent (new in this release)
  • MobileScreenshotEvent (new in this release)
  • MobileTelephonyEvent (new in this release)

You can also store this event data for up to six months. The following big objects store event data for their respective EventStream objects.

  • ApiEvent
  • IdentityVerificationEvent (new in this release)
  • LightningUriEvent
  • ListViewEvent
  • LoginAsEvent
  • LoginEvent
  • LogoutEvent
  • ReportEvent
  • UriEvent

Use Enhanced Transaction Security to create transaction security policies for a subset of these new event objects.

We’ve changed how we stream events between beta and GA. As a result, you must unsubscribe from event channels while Salesforce upgrades your org to the Winter '20 release. Then resubscribe when the upgrade is complete.

The Real-Time Event Monitoring architecture is different from the architecture of the EventLogFile object. Therefore, the new Real-Time Event Monitoring feature doesn't affect EventLogFile functionality, which continues to work as before. Similarly, the Event Monitoring Analytics App, which visualizes EventLogFile data, isn’t affected by the new Real-Time Event Monitoring feature.

Since beta, we’ve changed the minimum API version in which the Real-Time Event Monitoring objects are available. The new minimum API versions are:
  • LoginEvent 36.0
  • LogoutEventStream 41.0
  • All other objects: 46.0

How: To view and manage events with Event Manager, from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Event Manager, and select Event Manager.