Datasets Have Moved to B2B Marketing Analytics 2.0

To improve performance and accessibility, B2B Marketing Analytics is now directly available in Salesforce. No managed package needed! Datasets, lenses, and dashboards that were created after February 11, 2019 continue to be updated until Summer ’20.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic and is included with Pardot Plus and Advanced. The change also affects Pardot Pro and Ultimate editions with the B2B Marketing Analytics add-on.

Who: To create apps, dashboards, and dataflows, users need the Create B2B Marketing Analytics Apps or the Manage Analytics user permission.

Why: Customers told us that the managed package implementation was more difficult than they anticipated. We want you to get the most out of B2B Marketing Analytics, and that means getting up and running faster. We eliminated the managed package from the setup and moved the process into Salesforce to streamline your workflow.

How: Open the B2B Marketing Analytics page from Setup, and then click B2B Marketing Analytics. Set up your connector user and user permissions, and get started. To migrate an existing app, check out Salesforce Help.