Get Around Faster with the Thumb-Friendly Navigation Bar

Frequently used items are now part of a new navigation bar for easier access. The navigation bar is where users can always find their favorites (if enabled), search, notifications (if enabled), and a link to the menu.

Where: This change applies to the new Salesforce mobile app for iOS and Android in all editions, except Essentials and

When: The new Salesforce mobile app is available the week of October 14, 2019.

Who: Available to users with the New Salesforce Mobile App user permission.

How: Users can’t customize the favorites, search, notifications, or menu items. But if they use Lightning apps, the first icon in the mobile navigation bar reflects the first tab of the Lightning app that users are working in. If users have permission to personalize that tab on desktop, their changes are reflected in the mobile app.

In the Mobile Only app, the first item in the navigation bar is the first item from the navigation menu.

The mobile navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, with icons for Chatter, Favorites, Search, Notifications, and Menu