Select the API Version for Lightning Locker

You can select the API version used by Lightning Locker. The default is the current API version, which includes the latest Locker security enhancements. Select an earlier API version when custom components only comply with Locker in an older version. When components become compliant with the current security enhancements, you can change the setting to the current API version.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and all versions of the mobile app in all editions.

Why: We recommend updating your custom components to comply with the latest version, but we know that it can take some time. Your org could also depend on managed packages that third-party developers must update. Set Lightning Locker to use an older API version to give developers time to update their custom Lightning components and comply with Locker’s latest security enhancements.

How: From Setup, enter Session in the Quick Find box, and then select Session Settings. Select the API version for Use security enhancements in API version. Click Save.