Keep Up with Security Updates in the New Hub

Keeping your data safe is our most important job. So we made security alerts more visible and intuitive, with a new user interface, and more detailed explanations and recommendations.

Where: This change applies to all Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic orgs.

Who: This feature is visible to all users with the Customize Application permission.

How: To see the security alerts that need your attention, go to the new Security Alerts node in Setup.

Although all security enhancements are important, we’re assigning different levels of attention for each one so that you can prioritize your efforts.

Status Definition
Required A required security enhancement can impact your configuration. Use our recommendations and step-by-step guides to assess the impact on your org. You can’t opt out of this security update.
Recommended This security enhancement doesn’t impact your current org configuration, but we recommend that you use our step-by-step guides to assess how it works.
Info Only We’ve done some security cleanup to improve your org’s security. Check out the recommendations, but you don’t need to take action on your configuration.

The alert and recommendations tell you when to complete the tasks, what is changing in the org, and how your org is impacted. A series of steps helps you prepare your org for the security enhancement. Sometimes, you don’t need to do anything, but we want to inform you of what’s happening. When a change could affect your org, we want you to be fully aware of how you could be impacted, and have all the information that you need to make fixes. At the end of the recommendations, there’s a review and confirmation step that tells us you’ve gone through the information and recommendations.



The security alert just informs you of the best practices and recommendations regarding security updates. You can’t enable or disable the security enhancement from the Security Alert interface.