Easily Opt In Opted-Out Prospects Synced to Salesforce

Easily opt synced prospects back into Pardot emails. Previously, if the Prospect opted out field was selected, you couldn’t opt a synced prospect back into Pardot emails without a fight. You had to unverify the Salesforce-Pardot connector or try to update the records in both systems simultaneously. Now, Pardot admins can change this field’s sync behavior to allow users to overwrite a prospect’s opt-out status to make them mailable again. Users can opt in up to 100 prospects per day, per account.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce app in all editions of Salesforce with any Pardot edition.

Who: Pardot admins enable this setting. Pardot admins and users with the Toggle Opt-in Status permission can opt prospects back in from Pardot. In Salesforce, users with the appropriate field-level permissions can opt in leads and contacts.

How: In Pardot, edit your Salesforce connector, and select Overwrite Prospect Opted Out field. Accept the terms, and then save your connector.



Make sure that your users follow the Pardot Permission Based Marketing Policy and applicable marketing and privacy laws when using this feature to opt in prospects.