Create a Self-Service Help Center and Turn Customers into Search Heroes

Create a public help center, and make it easy for everyone to discover your knowledge resources and find solutions for themselves. Instead of filing cases through customer service, customers can find what they need from the articles you make available from your knowledge base.

Where: This feature is available in Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Enterprise, Performance, Developer, and Unlimited editions.

Why: Take the Knowledge articles that your support team already uses for solving customer problems, and share them directly with everyone. With your help center’s public access, customers don’t have to log in to find solutions. On the Home page, customers can jump right to featured topics or enter a search term. On the Customer Support page, customers can file a case or get on-the-spot access to articles related to their issue.

It’s easier than ever to build, deploy, and upgrade a public-facing help center. A new Help Center template lets you create your help center in minutes. A new guided setup steps you through help center configuration. Follow the guided setup from start to finish, or walk away and pick up where you left off.

How: To start, Knowledge must be enabled for your org, and you must enable the Knowledge org preference. It’s also useful to have a robust collection of Knowledge articles with a focus on solutions to common problems. When everything’s in place, go to Setup | Communities | All Communities. Click New Community, then click the Help Center template.

Help Center tile

After you create your help center, launch the guided setup in Workspaces by clicking the Guided Setup tile, and then clicking the Help Center guided setup tile.



Your default view of the help center includes a new footer: Powered by Salesforce. You can easily delete it or replace it with your own footer content.

Also of note: Way back in Summer ’18, we boosted the limits on articles and translation languages for some editions. It’s useful to know for your help center planning.

  • Essentials: 500 Articles, 1 Language
  • Enterprise: 50 K Articles, 5 Languages
  • Unlimited 150 K Articles, 10 Languages