Add Custom Actions to the Dispatcher Console

Give your dispatchers a little more power by adding custom actions to the dispatcher console. Custom actions can either call an Apex class or open a Visualforce page, and they can be run on records in several areas of the dispatcher console. Actions appear in the action menu of the relevant record or list.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with the Field Service Lightning managed package installed.

Why: Custom actions let you put more specialized actions at your dispatchers’ fingertips. For example, create actions that:
  • Call an Apex class that reassigns all selected service appointments to a different service resource
  • Open a Visualforce page where the dispatcher can update the Earliest Start Permitted on all appointments within a polygon (for example, if the polygon represents a flood in the service territory)
You can add custom actions to the following areas in the dispatcher console.
  • Individual or multiple appointments in the appointment list
  • Individual or multiple appointments in the Gantt
  • Individual service resources or resource absences in the Gantt
  • Polygons on the map (the action runs on the appointments within a polygon)

How: Start by creating an Apex class or Visualforce page to connect to an action. Create and assign a custom permission to limit who sees the action, or use an existing permission. Then create your action. From the App Launcher, open the Field Service Admin app and click Field Service Settings > Dispatcher Console UI > Custom Actions. Select where you want the action to appear, click New Action to add details, and save your action. When a custom action is created or edited, the Gantt must be refreshed for users with the proper permission see it in the dispatcher console.

Creating a custom action

For details on how to configure your Apex class or Visualforce page to be used in a dispatcher console custom action, see Code Samples: Dispatcher Console Custom Actions (can be outdated or unavailable during release preview).



Actions can’t open Visualforce pages that are part of a managed package