Salesforce DX: The New Frontier for Salesforce App Development

With a focus on source-driven development, the new features of Salesforce Developer Experience (Salesforce DX) make it easier for developers to build together and continuously deliver. Use these features with open and standard tools, including Git, Selenium, VS Code, and Eclipse.
Available in: Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience
Dev Hub available in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions
Scratch orgs available in: Developer, Enterprise, Group, and Professional Editions

These core principles drive the open and integrated experience for developing on the Salesforce Platform.

  • Source code is king.
  • Metadata and code are modular.
  • Environments are easily created and disposable.
  • Development is organized around team collaboration.
  • Development is based on open standards and extensibility.
  • Flexible packaging supports an agile distribution model.
  • Processes and tools facilitate continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Whether you’re an individual developer or working as part of a large team, Salesforce DX provides an integrated, end-to-end life cycle designed for high-performance agile development. And best of all, it’s open and flexible so that you can build using the tools and practices you know and love.