Get to the Right Record Faster with Enhanced Instant Results

Find the right record even before reaching the search results page. Spell correction has arrived in instant results. And if you know the account associated with the contact or opportunity, instant results provides more relevant suggestions. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

When a search term gets no results because of a possible misspelling, users see suggestions that match corrected spellings of the search term. Salesforce checks only the record name. Spell correction works for only one term, even when multiple terms are entered. If multiple terms are misspelled, Salesforce corrects only the first misspelled term.

Spell Correction

Users who include the account name when they search for a contact or opportunity get more relevant search results. For example, search for the contact Carole White associated with the Global Media company faster by entering Carole White Global.

Related Account Search

Realted Opportunity Search

This feature works only with contacts, opportunities, and accounts.



This related record search feature is made available to orgs on a rolling basis up to a month after the release goes live. During this time, records are being reindexed. Once reindexed, they’ll be searchable using the new feature.