Dynamic Branding: One Community, with a Different Look for Each Audience

With branding sets, you can change the appearance and style of your community pages based on the audience viewing the page. No need to create individual communities for each customer or business need. Now you build your community once, and simply style it differently for each audience.
Branding sets take advantage of criteria-based audiences in the same way as page variations. Just as you can create several page variations and target them at different audiences, you can create different sets of branding properties to produce a unique look and feel for specific audiences.


To use branding sets, you must your template to the latest version in Settings | Updates.

In Community Builder, you can:
  • Manage branding sets from the Branding panel (1).
  • Create a set of branding properties (2).
  • Create or assign an audience to your branding set (3).
  • Switch between a tile or list view of branding sets (4).

Branding Sets area



Each community must have a branding set that’s assigned to the default audience. It acts as your fallback branding. It’s what people who don’t belong to a specific audience see. If you export a template, only the default branding set is exported.


Acme Learning offers professional training courses to employees of large corporations and to the general public. They want to provide targeted branding experiences for each corporation, which combine Acme Learning’s branding with the corporation’s branding. And for non-corporate customers, they want to display their standard Acme Learning branding.

Using a single community, they create a series of branding sets and create and assign audiences to each. So when Salesforce employees visit the Acme Learning community, they see pages styled with the Salesforce logo, colors, and fonts. Similarly, if employees of Northern Trail Outfitters visit the Home page, they see the same content but with different fonts, colors, and logo. And members of the general public—the default audience—see pages styled with Acme Learning’s standard branding.

Acme Learning branding sets