Build Macros and Save Time in Lightning Experience

Quickly and easily edit and add instructions to macros using the new Macro Builder point-and-click interface.

Macros streamline agent productivity by increasing efficiency and consistency when communicating with customers. With the Lightning Macro Builder, users can edit and add instructions to existing macros using a visual experience similar to the Lightning App Builder. The builder’s simple point-and-click interface lets macro authors capture the quick actions and fields they want to include in the macro instructions.

On the right-hand side of the builder, the macros Instructions tab show instructions for the macro. Instructions are composed from quick actions and their corresponding fields which you can select from the page on the left.


Use keyboard shortcuts to focus on different areas of the Macro Builder. Alt+1 focuses the toolbar. Alt+2 focuses on quick actions. Alt+3 focuses on the macro instructions.

Macros builder