Chat with Customers in Lightning Experience

We captured the best of Live Agent and gave it a whole new look and feel in Lightning Experience. Agents get a larger chat window, so they have more room to use the chat features they know and love.
You don’t even have to regenerate your deployment code if you already use Omni-Channel routing for chats—simply head over to the Lightning App Manager and edit your Lightning console app. Add the Omni-Channel utility and then add Live Chat Transcripts to your selected items. Make sure you have a chat button that uses Omni-Channel routing, because Live Agent routing isn’t supported in Lightning Experience.
Looking Sharp in the Console

Gone are the days when chat was delegated to the top corner of the console.Live Agent in the Lightning Service Console.

By default, the agent chat window is large and in charge in the center of the agent’s view, complete with a chat header to help agents differentiate between chats (1). You also get past chats, which lets your agents view previous chats with a repeat customer (2). Agents can also find their chat features above the text box, right where they should be (3).

Ping! New Notifications and System Messages

Notifications help agents multitask better in Lightning Experience, whether they’re handling one chat or many. Chat requests appear in the Omni-Channel utility in the Lightning Service Console.Chat request in the Omni-Channel utility.

When the chat’s in progress, notifications show up in the agent’s console a bit differently than in Salesforce Classic.

Whether a chat agent is looking at the chat tab or not, the chat tab is highlighted when there are unread chats. Lightning console tabs with the chat transcript tab highlighted.

System notifications appear in the chat transcript. A chat with system messages for file transfer.

In-progress actions are clearly displayed by chat feature. Agents can close the popovers without canceling the action.

Confirmation messages at the top of the screen let agents know exactly what’s going on. Chat with a failed file transfer message.