Add Duration and Required Skills to Work Orders

New settings on work orders and work order line items let you specify how long the work will take and who’s qualified to do it. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Estimate the Duration
The new Duration and Duration Type fields indicate how long a work order or work order line item should take to complete. Select a duration type—Minutes or Hours—and then enter a duration. For example, if a work order is expected to take four hours, enter 4 in the Duration field and select Hours in the Duration Type field.

Child service appointments inherit the duration values, although you can update them. If a work order or work order line item includes a work type, the duration values are inherited from the work type.

Add Required Skills
If a work order or work order line item can only be completed by a service resource with a particular set of skills, specify which skills are needed in the Skill Requirements related list.
  1. Navigate to the record that needs required skills.
  2. In the Skill Requirements related list, click New.
  3. Select a skill. Skills must be created in Setup before they can be added as a requirement.
  4. Enter a skill level from 0 to 99.99 based on how your business measures skill level.
  5. Click Save. The skill now appears in the Skill Requirements related list on the record.
Required skills make it easier for dispatchers to assign work to service resources with the proper expertise.


Required skills serve more as a recommendation than a rule. You can still assign work orders, work order line items, and related service appointments to service resources that don’t possess the skills listed in the Skill Requirements related list.

Sample work order with skill requirements, resource preferences, and service appointments:
Sample work order