Build Reusable Processes

Now you can create a process that another process can invoke. With invocable processes, you can reuse sections of your processes. Build one invocable process, call it from multiple processes or from multiple action groups in the same process. This ability to reuse can save you precious time, and who doesn’t love that?
You can invoke processes with objects that share at least one unique ID. For example, in the Account and Case objects, the AccountId field is unique to Account and also used by Case. You can create an invocable process that updates a Case record. Then you can invoke it from:
  • A process that updates an Account record’s owner
  • A process that adds an Account shipping address or updates it
When you create a process that invokes another process, each one counts toward your process and other applicable limits. DML limits in processes that invoke processes count as one transaction.
When you create a process, have it start when another process invokes it by selecting It’s invoked by another process.
Input screen to create a new process with updated dropdown menu.

When you add an object, pay attention to the object you select. Your selection determines which other processes can invoke the one you’re creating. Only processes based on objects that share at least one unique field ID can invoke or be invoked by another process.

If you want the process you’re creating to invoke another process, that’s easy too. When you define or edit your process actions, select Processes. Only active invocable processes are available.