Add Key Information to Account Records Automatically

Activate the new Company Info for Accounts Clean rule so that your sales teams can segment accounts, plan territories, and understand their customers better. The rule provides access to over 100 fields of company, industry, and financial information from Dun & Bradstreet, the same fields as for Clean jobs. It’s easy to set up the rule in Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic.

User Permissions Needed
To clean accounts manually “Read” and “Create” on the D&B Company object

Considerations for Activating the Company Info for Accounts Rule

Recommendation to Use AppExchange Package Instead of Assessment Option
The Company Info for Accounts Clean rule includes options to update your data or generate a read-only assessment.
Conflicts with Existing Clean Setup
The Company Info for Accounts Clean rule conflicts with Clean jobs. To prevent conflicts and confusion, do the following.
  • Deactivate Clean jobs on your accounts.
  • On Account page layouts, remove the elements related to Clean jobs: the Clean button and the Clean Status field.
Access for Users Who Clean Records Manually
To let your users clean accounts manually, do the following:
  • Make sure that users have “Read” and “Create” access to the D&B Company object. When a user cleans an account, the rule creates an associated D&B Company record (if the record doesn’t exist).
  • Adjust field-level security to give users access to all the account fields containing data provided by the rule.
Triggers, Workflows, and Push Notifications
Before activating a Company Info rule, review your settings for triggers, workflows, and push notifications. Using a Company Info rule can set off those mechanisms.
No Support for Field Mapping Customization
You can’t customize field mapping for Company Info rules. Nor does customized field mapping for Clean jobs carry over to Company Info rules.

Fields Containing Data Provided by the Company Info for Accounts Rule

Account Name Employees SIC Code
Account Site Fax SIC Description
Annual Revenue Industry Ticker Symbol
Billing Address NAICS Code Tradestyle
Company D-U-N-S Number NAICS Description Year Started
D&B Company Ownership Website
Description Phone  

Activate the Company Info for Accounts Rule

  1. From Setup, enter Clean Rules in the Quick Find box, then select Clean Rules.
  2. Edit the Company Info for Accounts Clean rule.

Company Info rules include an option to clean all records when the rule is activated or saved. If you choose that option, then Salesforce immediately checks whether new data is available for your existing accounts. For new accounts, Salesforce checks whether new data is available when the accounts are saved. New data is added only to blank fields—your data is never overwritten.

Guidelines for Cleaning Records Manually When the Company Info for Accounts Rule Is Activated

Because the rule doesn’t overwrite data, when users update the Company D-U-N-S Number field value while cleaning manually, they must delete the D&B Company field value. Then, when company information is added, Clean adds updated values for those two fields and links the correct D&B Company record to the account.