Access Salesforce During Planned Maintenance With Read-Only Mode (Generally Available)

To minimize interruption to your business, Salesforce now gives users read-only access during splits, instance migrations, instance switches, and certain other maintenance events. Previously, Salesforce was unavailable during these times. This feature is available in Salesforce Classic only.
Available in: All Editions

When Salesforce is in read-only mode, you can navigate within the application and view and report on your business data.

During read-only mode, you can’t:
  • Add, edit, or delete data
  • Perform any actions in Salesforce that modify your Salesforce data. For example:
    • Post on Chatter
    • Use LiveAgent
    • Refresh dashboards
    • Perform API write or edit actions
    • Perform bulk API read actions
    • Save new or edited reports


      You can still run existing reports.

Activity reminders don’t occur, and Recent Items lists don’t update. Login history is still recorded for compliance purposes, but it isn’t reflected in your organization until a few minutes after the organization exits read-only mode.
When your organization is in read-only mode, desktop and mobile browser users see a banner at the top of their browser window:
Read-only mode banner
If a user tries to perform an action that isn’t available in read-only mode, an error message notifies them that Salesforce is read-only. After the maintenance is complete, users are prompted to log in again.