Set Expirations for Assignments on Permissions in Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups (Beta)

When assigning users to a permission set or permission set group, select expiration dates that you specify. Control when a user's permissions expire based on your business requirements.
Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Contact Manager, Professional, Group, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer, and editions.


This feature is a Beta Service. Customer may opt to try such Beta Service in its sole discretion. Any use of the Beta Service is subject to the applicable Beta Services Terms provided at Agreements and Terms.

Why: Suppose a sales manager needs consultants to evaluate language used in sales contracts. You give the consultants access to the Contracts object and other permissions via a permission set group so that they can perform their work. The project has an end date, so you don’t want contractors to access sales contracts after that date. Set the expiration date and time zone for the permission set group when you assign it to users.

How: You can set an expiration date for a permission set or permission set group using the API.

To use the user interface with assignment expiration options for permission set groups, enable Permission Set Group Assignments with Expiration Dates (Beta) in User Management Settings. Then, when you assign users to a permission set group, select the expiration options that you want. You can also select no expiration date as an option. The pane for setting an assignment expiration for a permission set group.