Manage Your Return to Work in One Place with Workplace Command Center

Workplace Command Center helps you monitor return-to-work readiness and decide when to safely bring people back to the workplace. When employees return to work, keep everyone safe by monitoring employee health and location readiness. Workplace Command Center comes with Employee Wellness Check components, Operations Feed, and Global COVID-19 Tracker.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

Who: Executives, business operations managers, and admins looking for a single view of their employees’ readiness to work and the company’s readiness to support workers.

Why: Workplace Command Center is your company’s operations hub as you reopen your workplaces after a major event, like the spread of COVID-19. Monitor the status of your facilities by sublocation, such as the floor of a building. Assess the health of your employees through customizable wellness surveys designed using guidance from experts such as the Centers for Disease Control. And thanks to’s robust data model, you can incorporate data from other sources. Use this combined data to monitor the worldwide status of the event to evaluate any impact on your reopening.

How: Workplace Command Center is part of the solution, which includes Shift Management, Emergency Response Management, and more. It shows who’s available to work remotely or at a specific location. The accumulated survey data from Employee Wellness Check helps ensure that workplaces stay safe as it processes wellness data and maps it to the data model for components and other apps to use.

Workplace command center