Track Your Carbon Footprint with Einstein Analytics Dashboards

Get a snapshot of your company’s energy usage and carbon emissions with three Einstein Analytics dashboards. The Climate Action Dashboard and the Business Travel Impact dashboard use data from Sustainability Cloud to visualize key performance indicators. The Audit Dashboard uses your company’s sustainability data to provide visualizations of your records.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and all versions of the mobile app in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: Sustainability Cloud dashboards are available to users with the Einstein Analytics for Sales Cloud permission set. To configure the dashboards, you must have the Customize Application, Manage Profiles and Permission Sets, Assign Permission Sets, Manage Internal Users, and Manage Analytics Templated Apps user permissions.

How: In Salesforce, open Analytics Studio and create an app from the Sustainability template. Then set up a dataflow to automatically update your dashboards. Add either or both dashboards to your Home tab for easy viewing.