Get Insights Into Sales Calls with Einstein Call Coaching

Give sales managers insights about their teams’ sales calls and surface coachable moments. Managers can play recordings of conversations to gain visibility into mentions of competitors, products, custom keywords, pricing discussions, and next steps.

Where: This change applies to High Velocity Sales in Lightning Experience. High Velocity Sales is available as an add-on in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: This feature is available to sales managers with the Call Coaching User permission set, and is available only in English.

Call Coaching does not record your calls. Rather, you connect it with your recording system such as Lightning Dialer or other supported partners. It is a customer’s responsibility to manage consent and comply with local privacy requirements in the way calls are recorded.

Why: Einstein Call Coaching is a new feature available for sales managers that offers the ability to see insights and trends surfaced from sales calls. Recorded calls are analyzed for mentions of specific keywords and phrases.

Call record page

From voice call records, managers can play call recordings and see call details, including the talk-to-listen ratio. The different colors show the participants on the call. Jump to different mentions in the call from the player (1). Click different mentions (2) to highlight and jump to specific areas of the call.

Sales managers can also add feedback (3) to help us surface the most relevant calls in the daily highlights email. This feedback goes to our system, not the sales rep on the call.

Managers can also see reports and dashboards about different insights.

Call Coaching Overview page

From the Overview page, managers can filter by sales rep and call date (1), and review reports of top mentions based on role hierarchy (2).

The Overview page also features links to recordings in the Recent Calls table (3). These recordings are the calls most recently made by your team.

Managers can see more details on the Mentions page.

Call Coaching Mentions page

Filter by the type of mention and see relevant reports (1). This page also features a list of Relevant Calls (2) based on your filter criteria.

Call Coaching users also receive daily emails with a list of highlighted calls if there were at least 3 calls with insights in the previous day.

How: Salesforce admins can enable Call Coaching from Setup. For more details, see the Salesforce Help.