Enable Enhanced Folder Sharing (Update)

Enhanced folder sharing introduces new user permissions and changes each user’s access to existing reports and dashboards. In the Winter ’21 release (subject to change to a later release), legacy folder sharing is retiring and enhanced folder sharing replaces it.

Where: This change applies to Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

When: Retirement is targeted for Winter ’21 and is subject to change. For specific dates, go to https://status.salesforce.com/ and check information for your instance.

Why: After enabling enhanced folder sharing, your Salesforce users get view access to their report and dashboard folders, except for hidden folders, even if they previously had editor access. Hidden folders aren’t shared with anyone, but users with the user permissions View Reports in Public Folders, Manage Reports in Public Folders, and their dashboard equivalents can view or manage hidden folders. To restore editor access to the user, it can be necessary to assign them new user permissions and then grant folder-level access.

Enhanced folder sharing features more customizable report and dashboard sharing via a familiar folder-based sharing model. Benefits include:

  • Consistent sharing concepts across users, roles, and groups
  • Sharing reports and dashboards with individual users
  • Three access levels for each folder: view, edit, manage
  • A symmetric set of user permissions for reports and dashboards

For example, in legacy folder sharing, Sally and Tim build a dashboard that’s saved in a public folder with read and write access. Sally has the user permissions Manage Dashboards and View All Data, but Tim has only View All Data. After turning on enhanced folder sharing, Sally automatically receives the user permissions Manage Dashboards in Public Folders and Create Dashboard Folders, but Tim only receives the user permission View Dashboards in Public Folders. Before Tim can receive edit access to the folder, an admin must assign Tim the user permission Create and Customize Dashboards. Then, Sally can give Tim edit access to the dashboard folder, and they can continue to collaborate on the dashboard.

How: To get familiar with the new user permissions and folder access levels, Salesforce recommends that you turn on enhanced folder sharing in a sandbox or developer edition org first. Once you turn on enhanced folder sharing, you can’t revert to legacy folder sharing.



If your org was created in or after the Summer ’13 release or later, you already have enhanced folder sharing and won’t notice any change. No action is required.