Add Live Einstein Analytics Dashboards to Quip Documents (Generally Available)

Keep relevant information in context with live Einstein Analytics dashboards in your Quip documents. Streamline your Quip Account Plans with dynamic Einstein Analytics dashboards. Einstein Analytics live apps added to an embedded Account Plan in Salesforce automatically populate based on the Salesforce record.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. The Einstein Analytics live app isn’t supported on the Quip mobile or desktop app.

When: Add the Einstein Analytics live app to Quip documents by mid-June 2020. Not available by the Salesforce Sandbox Preview.

Who: Available in Salesforce orgs with a Quip for Customer 360 plan and Einstein Analytics Growth or Einstein Analytics Plus licenses.

Why: Add the Einstein Analytics live app to your Account Plans so that your sales reps can do all of their account work in one place. Make your Account Plan templates dynamic with Einstein Analytics filter values that update based on the Salesforce record. Dynamic Einstein Analytics dashboards make your templates scalable and save your users time configuring dashboard filters to match their accounts.

Einstein Analytics dashboard in Quip

How: In a Quip document, enter @Einstein Analytics and click Insert. After you connect to Salesforce, users with Einstein Analytics licenses can select a dashboard, configure filters, make filters dynamic, and comment on dashboard sections.

Configure Template Filters modal