New and Changed Modules for Lightning Web Components

Modules enable you to do more with Lightning web components.

New Modules

The following modules are now available.

Enables use of a custom chat header component for chat messages in Service Cloud Embedded Service. The custom chat header can be selected from Embedded Service Chat Setup. Your custom component should specify the lightningSnapin__ChatHeader target in the js-meta.xml configuration file. For more information, see Enhance Conversations with an Improved Chat Header.
Import context information about the current community when developing Lightning web components for Lightning communities. For more information, see Get Information About the Current Lightning Community.
Customize a component’s behavior based on whether the current user has a specific permission. For more information, see Check User Permissions for Lightning Web Components.

Changed Modules

The following modules have changed.

The internalization module has two new properties.
  • number.decimalSeparator—The decimal separator symbol (.).
  • number.groupingSeparator—The grouping separator symbol (,).
The subscribe() method has changed. The subscriberOptions parameter is now optional. Previously, you had to pass {scope: APPLICATION_SCOPE}, and communication over a message channel occurred between components anywhere in the application.
Now, if you don’t pass a value, communication over a message channel is limited to components in an active navigation tab, an active navigation item, or a utility item. Utility items are always active. A navigation tab or item is active when it’s selected. Navigation tabs and items include:
  • Standard navigation tabs
  • Console navigation workspace tabs
  • Console navigation subtabs
  • Console navigation items