Actionable Relationship Center: Drive Contextual Action for Your Customer Relationships and Hierarchies (GA)

Manage customer relationships including networks of people and business processes with Actionable Relationship Center (ARC). ARC is a single, hierarchical interface that connects people and things related to a customer. It allows users to easily trigger contextual actions on the fly.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions where Financial Services Cloud is enabled.

Why: Traditionally, Financial Services Cloud looks at customers in three ways: who the customer is, what the customer wants, and what the customer needs. ARC redefines and expands that customer representation.
Who is the customer and what are their relationships?
View and manage customers’ relationships in one place. Represent every B2B and B2C relationship for a comprehensive view of your customer.
What does the customer have?
View all financial accounts, policies, opportunities, cases, and other related information in one location. Know what the customer has to more quickly recognize upsell opportunities.
What does the customer need?
View and manage opportunities and leads, and identify what’s missing. Augment the customer’s data with Analytics and intelligence to identify customer needs more effectively.
What actions make sense within the customer context?
Create actions based on the full customer context.

How: Add the ARC - Financial Services Cloud standard component to page layouts. Then assign the Financial Services Cloud Extension permission to users or user profiles that need access to ARC.



The Financial Services Cloud Extension permission will be available within 24 hours after an org is upgraded to the Summer ‘20 release and a user has logged in to the org.

A view of a person account in the Actionable Relationship Center.