Help Chat Agents Respond Faster with Einstein Reply Recommendations (Generally Available)

Einstein Reply Recommendations analyzes data from chat transcripts to generate replies that address your customers’ inquiries. As agents chat with customers, they can select the most relevant reply from a list of recommended replies in the Lightning Service Console. Einstein only recommends replies that you reviewed and published.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. Einstein Reply Recommendations is available only in English.

Who: Einstein Reply Recommendations is included in the Service Cloud Einstein add-on license. To publish and manage replies, you need:
  • Permission to create quick text
  • Manage Replies for Einstein Reply Recommendations user permission

To use replies in the console, agents need the Einstein Reply Recommendations User permission set, which comes with the add-on license.

How: Turn on this feature on the Einstein Reply Recommendations page in Setup. Then, build your predictive model so Einstein can generate replies based on past closed chats. Identify the replies that you want to make available to your support team, edit them if needed—for example, to add a merge field such as the customer’s name—and publish them to quick text. Agents see recommended published replies in a Lightning Service Console component, and can select one and insert it into a chat.

Chat Replies component

Manage your published replies just like you manage quick text, and pause recommendations at any time. For example, if you update a business policy, you can pause recommendations to remove or update replies that reflect your old policy.



In the Spring ’20 Einstein Reply Recommendations pilot, agents needed the View and Act On Einstein Reply Recommendations user permission to use reply recommendations. If you participated in the pilot, assign agents the new Einstein Reply Recommendations User permission set and remove the pilot user permission to ensure continued access.