Service Cloud Mobile: Get Case Management on the Go (Generally Available)

All the case management features you love from Service Cloud are coming to your mobile device! Service Cloud Mobile is a lightweight alternative to the Salesforce app, built to help support agents crush customer cases while they’re on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Where: This change applies to the new Service Cloud Mobile app and doesn’t affect users in Lightning Experience nor Salesforce Classic. The app is available in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

When: Service Cloud Mobile is available for free download the week of June 18, 2018 on both the App Store and Google Play.



We recommend to customers that have the pilot version of Service Cloud Mobile to uninstall it. Reinstall the current version from the App Store or Google Play rather than trying to update the previous version.

Who: Users with Read access on cases can view cases in the app. To edit or delete a case, users need Update and Delete access on cases.

iOS device requirements—iOS 11 and later. Not optimized for iPad.

Android device requirements—Android 5.0 or later, and Google Play Services 11.8.0 or later.

Why: With Service Cloud Mobile, agents can:
  • Update, edit, and collaborate on cases
  • Manage case lists
  • View case in your queues
  • Communicate via email, Facebook, and Twitter, and Chatter
  • Execute bulk actions
  • Search contact and account details
  • Manage notification settings to keep a handle on cases and queues
  • Send Salesforce feedback about their experience using the app
Service Cloud Mobile app on an Android phone and an iPhone

How: Install the Service Cloud Mobile managed package in your org to allow users to receive notifications from the app. Then, install the app onto your mobile device and log in.

The app asks users for their Salesforce login and password. After authenticating, your support agents have all their cases right at their fingertips. And they are equipped with all the tools that they need to resolve cases with the speed and efficiency that your customers expect.