Other Security Changes: My Domain and Domain Management Improvements

Rename your subdomain without contacting Salesforce Customer Support. And if you use an external service provider to serve your domain, you can point to their CNAME directly in Domain Management.

Rename Your My Domain When You Want

If you have an existing My Domain subdomain, you can now rename it without contacting Salesforce Customer Support. My Domain lets you highlight your brand, so we’re making it easier to change it when your company’s name or branding changes.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all editions, except the Developer Edition.

Who: Renaming a My Domain is not available in trial or sandbox orgs.

  1. From Setup, enter My Domain in the Quick Find box, then select My Domain.
  2. Under My Domain Settings, select Edit. Enter a new domain name.
  3. Select Check for availability, and if the domain is available, select Save.


After you rename your My Domain subdomain, your previous My Domain is immediately deactivated. We recommend that you change the domain outside of normal business hours because this change briefly interrupts your Salesforce users. Before changing your My Domain, consider how to communicate this change to your users.

Stabilize the Hostname for My Domain URLs in Sandboxes (Critical Update)

This critical update removes instance names from URLs. Prior to Summer ’18, My Domain URLs in sandboxes included the instance name of the org. After this update, My Domain URLs for sandboxes exclude instance names.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Database.com editions.

How: If you have existing sandbox orgs, activate the critical update on your production org, and in each sandbox org. Activating this critical update on a production org only applies the update to new and refreshed sandbox orgs.

Specify External Hostname Values in Salesforce

If you serve a custom domain with an external content delivery network (CDN) provider or your own server, you can point to it directly from Salesforce. When you add a custom domain to your org, Salesforce also creates an internal canonical name (CNAME), so you’ll have a unique, consistent, and reliable DNS entry point to your org. The internal CNAME points to the external hostname.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in the Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

How: From Setup, enter Domains in the Quick Find box, then select Domains. Add or edit any existing domain that uses an external host or CDN and specify the external hostname.