Einstein Forecasting: Improve Sales Predictions (Generally Available)

Einstein Forecasting’s ready for the big time! Improve your forecasting accuracy with predictions about your sales team’s opportunities based on past data. In Lightning Experience, see key performance indicators (KPIs), helpful forecasting graphs, and up-to-date metrics that are refreshed multiple times a day. In Salesforce Classic, stay on top of your team’s forecast predictions with reports.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: Einstein Forecasting is available only for managers and is currently limited to orgs that forecast by month. Opportunity splits are not supported.

To use Einstein Forecasting, your org must have:
  • Collaborative Forecasting enabled and forecast hierarchy set up
  • Two years of opportunity history using the standard Opportunity object and the Amount and Close Date fields
  • Forecasts set by month, not by quarter, using the Opportunities (Revenue) forecast type
  • Standard fiscal year enabled, not custom fiscal year

Why: Einstein Forecasting uses data science and machine learning about your sales team’s opportunities to improve your forecasting accuracy.

forecasting graph on home

See a prediction graph that shows your team’s past opportunities and predictions about future performance. The graph includes Einstein’s prediction compared to your sales target, and comparisons based on your committed opportunities and best-case forecast. You can also see KPIs above the graph.

forecasts page with einstein features

On the forecasts page, the Einstein Prediction field (1) shows the median predicted amount for each team and team member. Predictions are based on all open opportunities with close dates by the end of the month. Sometimes a prediction isn’t shown, such as when sufficient historical data isn’t available or the prediction range is too large to be useful. You can also see more details about each prediction (2), such as the range of the prediction value and contributing factors.

Predictions are always in US dollars, unless you’re using multiple currencies. In that case, the amounts are converted to the currency selected by the user, using the static conversion rate you’ve set.

einstein forecasting in mobile

You can also access Einstein Forecasting from your mobile device using the Analytics app. See key performance metrics and a prediction graph while you’re on the go.

How: To get started, enable the feature from the Einstein Forecasting page in Setup. If you’ve customized your org’s Home page, add the performance chart to the Home page manually.