Add a Report to a Dashboard from the Report

Reading a report? Want to add it to a dashboard, or create a new dashboard? Well, we’ve got a button for you!

Where: This feature is available in Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

  • To add a report to a dashboard, you need the Create and Customize Dashboards user permission.
  • To add a report to a dynamic dashboard, you need the Manage Dynamic Dashboards user permission.

Why: Previously, there was only one way to add reports to dashboards. First you edit or create a dashboard. Then you add a component. Finally you find and select your desired source report.

That was-and-is a fine way to add reports to dashboards, but it’s a one way road: you could only add a report to a dashboard from the dashboard.

Now there’s another way. You can add a report to a new or existing dashboard from the report.

How: From either the Reports home page or while reading a report, click More Actions | Add to Dashboard. Choose the dashboard you want to add the report to, or create a new one, and finish editing the dashboard component.

Adding a report to a dashboard