Let Users View and Resume Paused Flows

Add the new Paused Flows component to let your Lightning community members view all the paused flows they own, resume them at a more convenient time without losing their work, or delete them. When setting up a flow, you can choose particular pause points.

Where: This feature is available in Lightning communities, accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Communities are available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: To pause a flow, your community members must have the Run Flows permission.

Why: For example, your financial company has a flow to help folks apply for a credit card. Your customer gets stuck on one of the steps (what was my address 12 years ago?). Rather than lose the previous screens of information, the customer can press Pause to find the needed information. Or, your customer pauses a step and needs help to continue with the forms. The customer can contact your company, and a service agent can continue the flow for them. Paused flows in a community

How: In Setup | Process Automation Settings, select Let users pause flows. Once you set up a pause point in your flows, you can use the Paused Flows component in the Community Builder.


While we call them flows here at Salesforce, your company could call them processes, forms, steps, or wizards. Use a naming convention that your customers understand for the title field.