Demystified Process Errors for Your Users

Users typically don’t realize that their actions, such as creating and updating records, can trigger processes that do things behind the scenes. That’s why they get confused when processes fail and they’re presented with cryptic error messages. The messages are now friendlier and include the process name and error ID. If the error occurs when creating or updating a record, the message also includes technical details for the user to give you to help with troubleshooting. You can use the error ID to find the detailed error email that was sent when the process failed.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Previously, here’s what a user would see while creating a lead and a process tries to create a related opportunity that fails a validation rule. Notice the unhelpful flow version ID and redundant statements about unhandled faults and contacting your admin. Sorry about that.Message stating that a flow trigger failed to execute and that an unhandled fault occurred

Now, for that same validation error, users get information that they can act on. Users for whom the information is too complex can share it with their admins to help troubleshoot.Message specifying which process failed and this error: Opportunities with this Lead Source are not permitted for Q1