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IdeaExchange Idea delivered
Lightning Experience
Add a Visualforce Page/Component inline on “Edit” page (partially delivered)

Switch Tab Position for Feed-based Page Layouts

Add text box for instructions / reminders to the page layout

Create and Edit Lightning Experience Record Pages (Generally Available)
Allow customization of the Lightning home page

Assign Default Dashboard on Home Page Layout (partially delivered)

Home: Customize Home for Different User Profiles (Generally Available)
Link a Single Contact to Multiple Accounts Contacts: Associate a Contact with Multiple Accounts (Generally Available)
Export Reports from Lightning Experience Export Reports as Files from Lightning Experience
Show What Dashboard Component Is Utilizing a Report Use SOQL to Identify Reports Used by Dashboard Components
Why Can't I Export What I'm Seeing on Each Screen?

Ability to Export Data from Dataset in CSV Format

Download the Data from Explorations as .Csv or Excel Files
Change Record Owner in Salesforce1 Salesforce1: Change a Record’s Owner
Add Team Member in Salesforce1 Salesforce1: Team Up on Accounts
Search in Communities Templates Should Return Results From All Topics Give Community Members What They’re Looking for with Improved Search
Allow Community Contacts to Search for Other Community Contacts Give Community Members What They’re Looking for with Improved Search
Using to cross-check company info in an existing Lead Automatically Enrich Leads with Critical Company Information (Generally Available)
Auto Populate City/State based on Zip

Spring 15 Maps Feature should populate lat and lon on the address fields.

Automatically Get Geocodes for Addresses (Generally Available)
Process Builder: Allow Choice to Let Criteria Execute Sequentially

Process Builder to Handle Multiple Decisions Evaluating to True in One Process

Process Builer: Next Decision Box for True

Processes Can Execute Actions on More Than One Criteria
Security and Identity
Platform encryption for managed package fields Encrypt Custom Fields in Managed Packages
Support of CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) in Salesforce REST Use CORS to Access Apex REST Classes

Use CORS to Access Bulk API

Provide Reliable or Guaranteed Message Delivery for Streaming API Replay Events with Durable PushTopic Streaming (Generally Available)