Get Around Work Order Hierarchies with Ease

Several new enhancements make it easier for you to view and build out hierarchies of work orders and work order line items. This feature is available in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, the Salesforce1 downloadable app for Android, version 9.0 or later, and the Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS, version 10.0 or later.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service Cloud

The new read-only field Root Work Order lists the top-level work order in a hierarchy of work orders. If a hierarchy has only two levels, a work order’s parent is the same as its root. Add the new field to work order page layouts to give users a more complete view of work order hierarchies. Similarly, the new Root Work Order Line Item field lists the top-level line item in a work order line item hierarchy.

The new Child Work Orders related list on work order page layouts lists a work order’s child work orders, making it easy to add child work orders and navigate a work order hierarchy. Similarly, you can add the Child Work Order Line Items related list to work order line item layouts.