Manage Pages More Easily with the Streamlined Page Manager

Page management in Community Builder just got a face lift! Control page visibility, duplicate pages, and quickly find the page you need.


For communities using the Winter ’16 and later versions of the Koa, Kokua, and Napili templates or the Spring ’16 version of the Aloha template, this functionality is available immediately after the Summer ’16 release.

You’ve read about profile-based page visibility, right? (If not, get on it!) So you know we’ve made some significant changes to the Page Manager area as a result.

As part of these enhancements, we’ve made Page Manager more intuitive and consistent by:
  • Adding quick find (1)
  • Moving the option to create and manage page variations to a separate Page Variations tab (2)


    All pages can now have page variations, including the Home and Error pages. If you previously created custom Home or Error pages, they appear in that page’s Page Variations tab.

  • Removing the Active Page property because now you can make any page variation visible in Napili
  • Including Visibility and Status columns (3) so that you can tell at a glance which variations are live
  • Adding the ability to duplicate page variations—no more starting from scratch! (4)
  • Providing options to manage page visibility in Napili (4)
  • Relocating the pages associated with an object to the page menu (5)
Page Manager area, numbered 1-6