Sales Features: Lightning Experience Considerations

Learn about the issues to that your Sales team can encounter in Lightning Experience. Some Salesforce data and features aren’t available in the new user interface. And some features don’t have full parity with what’s available in Salesforce Classic.

Contacts to Multiple Accounts
Only the row level actions that are specific to the Account Contact Relationship object are available on the Related Accounts and Related Contacts related lists. Therefore, you see actions to edit or remove the account-contact relationship, but not to edit or delete the contact or account record.
In the Related Accounts related list, the Account Name field appears only if the user has access to the account. If they don't have access to the account, only the Account Contact Relationship fields appear.
Account Teams
It’s possible to view, update, and delete account teams in Lightning Experience, with these differences from Salesforce Classic:
  • Users can add, edit, or delete only one account team member at a time.
  • The account team is always retained when the account owner is changed.
Switch back to Salesforce Classic to:
  • Change the team member display order.
  • Display access levels for all team members or delete all team members with a single button.
  • Add multiple account team members on a single page.