Eliminate Picklist Clutter with Restricted Picklists (Generally Available)

If you haven’t tried restricted picklists yet, get ready to enjoy clutter-free picklists! This feature is now available in every org. A restricted picklist field enforces the integrity of picklist data by including only the values that you’ve defined. Your picklist data stays clean, because users can’t add erroneous or redundant values. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

You define the list of values for a picklist when you create the custom picklist field. To enable validation of picklist values against the defined list of values, select Strictly enforce picklist values. This setting prevents users from adding values through the API. If you don’t select Strictly enforce picklist values, a picklist value that's not part of the picklist definition can be saved to a record via the API, reducing the cleanliness of your data.

Here’s another reason to try restricted picklists: You can use them in custom metadata types. Custom metadata types are custom-defined types of application metadata that can be packaged and used along with an app. They save time by letting you define configurations and create reusable app components and features. Picklists on custom metadata types are always restricted, so enable restricted picklists to use custom metadata types.



You can make a custom picklist field into a restricted picklist, but only if the picklist has fewer than 1000 values (or entries).