View Skeleton Code for Global Apex Classes in Installed Managed Packages

You can now view skeleton code that includes the global constructors, methods, variables, and properties for global Apex classes in the managed packages you’ve installed in your org. Formerly, when you viewed these classes in Setup you saw their constructor and method signatures, but in other development environments you saw only (hidden). You can still see the constructor and method signatures in Setup. Now you can also view a skeleton of the code for global classes in the Developer Console or your favorite IDE. You can also see the skeleton code when retrieving the body of a global managed class using the Metadata, SOAP, or Tooling API.

Here’s a sample of what you see now when you open a global Apex class from an installed managed package. Non-global constructors, methods, properties, and fields still aren’t shown.


This file is generated and isn't the actual source code for this
managed global class.
This read-only file shows the class's global constructors,
methods, variables, and properties.
To enable code to compile, all methods return null.
global class MyClass {
    global Decimal myDec;
    global String myString {
    global MyClass() {
    global Integer myMethod(Integer arg1) {
        return null;