A walkthrough is a series of interactive steps that guides you through a task or feature. We created some walkthroughs to introduce you to different features in Salesforce, and more are on the way!

Before you start a walkthrough, make sure you have the correct user permissions and license associated with the feature so you can access the proper pages in Salesforce. Bon voyage!



Keep in mind that walkthroughs guide you through your own Salesforce account, so you’re actually making changes to the data in your organization as you walk through the steps. If you’re concerned about making these changes, follow the walkthrough in a sandbox account or other test environment first.

Feature Walkthroughs You’ll need...
Case Feed Walk Through It Case Feed Setup
  • Chatter
  • Feed tracking on cases
  • Publisher Actions
Chatter Groups Walk Through It Allow Users to Add Records to Chatter Groups

Walk Through It Add the Groups Related List to Records

“Customize Application” and “View Setup” permissions
Consoles Walk Through It Create a Salesforce Console App Service Cloud User feature license or “Sales Console” permission
Lightning Process Builder Walk Through It Create an Automated Follow-Up Task “Interaction (Flow)” and “View All Data” permissions

Walk Through It Set Up Notes

“Customize Application” and “View Setup” permissions
Organization Sync Walk Through It Explore the Connection Detail Page
  • Salesforce to Salesforce replication connection
  • “Manage Connections” permission
Permission Sets Walk Through It Create, Edit, and Assign a Permission Set “Manage Profiles and Permission Sets” and "Assign Permission Sets" permissions
Platform Encryption Walk Through It Create an Encrypted Custom Field
  • Platform Encryption
  • “Customize Application” and “View Setup” permissions
  • “View Encrypted Data” permission (for viewing encrypted field values)
Reporting Walk Through It Create a Knowledge Search Activity Report Type “Manage Custom Report Types” and “Manage Public Reports” permissions
Sales Path Walk Through It Set Up a Sales Path
  • Sales Path enabled
  • “View Setup” permission
  • “Modify All Data” permission
  • “Customize Application” permission
Salesforce1 Walk Through It Customize the Salesforce1 Navigation Menu

Walk Through It Create a Global Quick Action

Walk Through It Customize Global Publisher Layouts

“Customize Application” permission