Other Changes for Social Customer Service

Learn about other changes that affect your Social Customer Service users.
External Communities Users Can View Social Posts
Administrators can now give social post read access to external community and portal users, giving their customers a complete history of their cases directly in the community. There are three requirements to make social posts available in communities and portals.
  1. Ensure the user has access to cases in the community.
  2. Give users read permission to social posts on their profiles.
  3. On your organization’s Social Post object, enable visibility to individual fields through the field level security settings.


Once these requirements are met, external users can see all social posts exposed to them. For example, if a case or lead feed is exposed externally, all social posts in the feed are visible. There is currently no way to limit visibility at the social post object level.

New Field on Social Persona Object
There is a new field on newly created Social Personas to indicate which social network created the persona. This field is set on creation and is not updateable. Social personas created prior to Summer 15 do not have this field.


If your organization uses custom Apex, you need to update it to use this field. Keep in mind that personas created before the Summer 15 release do not have the field.

New Functionalilty for Quoted Tweets.
Quoted Tweets have two parts: the original source tweet and the added comments by the retweeter. Salesforce can match by keyword on both the original tweet and the retweet comments. However, currently only the retweeter's comments are visible in Social Customer Service. Therefore, it is possible for an agent to receive a quoted tweet to work on for no obvious reason, and the agent must view the post natively on the Twitter website to get the full context.
Longer Twitter Direct Messages
You can now send direct message of up to 10000 characters. That’s equivalent to a seven-page essay.