Salesforce1 Differences from the Full Salesforce Site

The Salesforce1 app doesn’t have all of the functionality of the full Salesforce site, and in some cases includes features that aren’t available in the full site.

For features introduced or updated in Summer ’15, these areas have differences:

Supported Salesforce Data
Salesforce1 users can’t add products with revenue or quantity schedules to opportunities. If this is attempted, the product appears on the opportunity, but the schedule isn’t created. Users also can’t reestablish a product schedule from an opportunity.
Notes (Beta)
  • Salesforce1 users can access all of their notes from the Notes item in the Salesforce1 navigation menu. The full site doesn’t include a Notes tab. Instead, notes are accessed from the Files tab.
  • Users can't relate a note to multiple records in the full site. Enhanced Goals
When using Enhanced Goals in Salesforce1, users can’t:
  • Share goals and metrics
  • Link metrics to reports
  • Refresh metrics that are linked to reports
  • Link parent goals and subgoals
  • Add goal images
Salesforce Knowledge
When using Salesforce Knowledge in Salesforce1:
  • Articles can't be created, edited, translated, or archived.
  • Only published articles are available—not draft or archived articles.
  • Articles can't be linked to cases.
  • Videos and tables are cut off on the right side when included in article rich text fields.
These issues also exist when searching for articles in Salesforce1 for Android, version 7.3:
  • Search results show up to three articles only.
  • The type ahead and snippets and highlighting features aren’t available.
  • Only articles in the user’s language are returned and only if that language is an active Knowledge language (from Setup, Customize | Knowledge | Knowledge Settings). To see articles in another language, users can change to an active Knowledge language—from My Settings, use the Quick Find search box to locate the Language & Time Zone page.
  • The article promoted search term feature only works on the user’s language and only if that language is an active Knowledge language.
Salesforce1 Reporting
Summary and matrix reports that use conditional highlighting can’t be viewed in Salesforce1.
Chatter Feeds
Salesforce1 users can’t edit feed posts or comments. Feed items edited in the full site do appear in Salesforce1.
Salesforce Communities
Role-based external users can approve or reject approval requests from Approval related lists on records in communities. But they can’t use Salesforce1 to submit requests for approval.
If Salesforce1 users interact with data encrypted by Platform Encryption, keep in mind:
  • Search can’t find data in encrypted fields.
  • Related lists on Accounts and Contacts are empty when the Name field is encrypted.
  • File encryption indicators don’t display in the app.
  • Records cloned by users who don’t have the “View Encrypted Data” permission include masked data for encrypted fields.

For complete details about the Salesforce features that are different in Salesforce1, see Salesforce1 Limits and Differences from the Full Salesforce Site in the Salesforce online help.