Thumbs Up or Down Ratings (Beta)

With this beta program, you can choose to rate internal articles with the existing star rating system or the new thumbs up or down rating method.


This release contains a beta version of thumbs up or down rating that is production quality but has known limitations and is not supported in Internet Explorer 8. You can provide feedback and suggestions and get information on enabling this feature for your organization by contacting Salesforce.

Thumbs up or down voting makes ratings easier and should encourage agents to vote more.

From Setup, go to Customize | Knowledge | Settings and select Enable thumbs up or down voting for article.

If articles already have star ratings when thumbs up or down voting is activated, their previous votes are retained. Three, four, or five stars convert to thumbs up. One and two stars convert to thumbs down. If thumbs up or down is converted back to stars, thumbs up equals five stars and thumbs down equals one star.

Knowledge users vote on the Article Detail page. If a user votes thumbs up, it shows up green. If a user votes thumbs down, it shows up red.



At this time, you can’t change your vote, thumbs up or down voting is not reflected in vote statistics, the metadata API doesn’t retain the setting, and this beta program is not available for Salesforce1or Communities.

Thumbs up or down voting on article detail page.

Votes are shown in article detail page based on the current channel and the article search list shows total votes across all channels.

Thumbs up or down stats on article search.