Attach an Article to a Case from the Article Detail Page

Agents can now search for articles, view the article detail page, and then attach the article to the case directly from the detail page, rather than having to go back to the article list.

In the past, an agent could only attach an article to a case from the Article Search Results list. However, they most often have to drill into the detail page of the article to determine if it is the right article to attach. If they have to go back to the list, it may be frustrating to determine which article in the list is the one they were just viewing.

When searching for an article from a case, not in the Service Console, an agent can click Attach to case or Attach and Return to case.

Buttons to attach an article on the detail page

After the agent clicks Attach to case or Attach and Return to case, they become Detach from case and Detach and Return to case.

When in Service Console, there is only Attach to case. Attach and Return to case is not needed, as you can just go to the case tab in the Service Console.

Button to attach an article on the detail page in Console

You can also detach the article once it is attached in the Service Console.

If the agent initiates the article search from a case, they can attach and detach the article from the article detail view.



These options are not available unless the agent is coming from a case article search. For example, agents must start from a specific case that they need to attach or detach an article.