Unified User Digest (Beta)

Get the redesigned user digest email that’s more mobile friendly, better organized, and better coordinated with group digests.


This release contains a beta version of unified user digest that is production quality but has known limitations. For information on enabling this feature for your organization, contact Salesforce.

The unified user digest gives your users:
  • A new format that’s easier to read on mobile devices
  • Posts organized by priority so the most critical information comes first
  • Posts organized under their parent group or object
  • Group pictures for easier recognition
  • Field values on records to summarize the status of the account, contact, case, or custom object
  • Reduced overlap with group digests by excluding posts already included in group digests

Contact your account executive or open a case with Support to enable the unified user digest beta. After it’s enabled, go to Setup and click Customize | Chatter | Email Settings and select Enable User Digest Beta.

The unified user digest uses an object’s primary compact layout to determine which fields are displayed. In most cases, the System Default compact layout contains the most useful set of fields, but you can improve the user experience by creating a custom compact layout and setting it as the primary. We recommend limiting the total number of fields to four or fewer. Users see only fields that they have access to. Note the following field value limitations:
  • Field values are not localized
  • Some data types, such as checkboxes, are not rendered optimally
For more information, see Compact Layout Overview in the Salesforce Help.


Enabling the beta doesn’t change users’ email settings. To take advantage of the beta and to streamline email volume for your users, we recommend:

  • Setting the personal digest frequency to daily
  • Changing daily and weekly group digests to never
  • Keeping email on each post group digests the same