Out of Order Range Filters Return false

Range filters that are out of order (for example, ["Z" .. "A"]) always evaluate to false.


This change may break existing SAQL code. Update existing code to use this new behavior.

In the previous release, if the query had range filters in reverse order, the results were calculated by reversing the parameters. In this release, the parameters are not reversed. For example, this query used to return dates in range ["20 years ago" .. "2016-01-11"]. Now it returns empty results.
q = load "0Fbxx000000002qCAA/0Fcxx000000002WCAQ";
q = foreach q generate OrderDate as od, sum(Amount) as sum;
q = filter q by od in ["2016-01-11".."20 years ago"];
q = order q by sum desc;
limit q 10;
This query used to return the letters from A through Z. Now it returns empty results:
a = load "0Fbxx000000002qCAA/0Fcxx000000002WCAQ";
a1 = group a by dest;
a2 = foreach a1 generate dest as dest;
a2 = filter a2 by dest in ["Z" .. "A"];
limit a2 10;