Create and Edit Dashboards (v1.3)

Create and edit dashboards from datasets on your mobile device.
To launch the dashboard designer, swipe from right to left on a dataset or dashboard and tap Create or Edit. Alternatively, touch and hold on a dataset or dashboard.
Dashboard Canvas Finished Dashboard Canvas
As you prepare to create and edit dashboards, keep these limits and tips in mind:
  • On iPhone, dashboards you make are limited to a width of two columns.
  • On iPad, dashboards you make are limited to a width of six columns.
  • When created in Analytics for iOS via the user interface, a dashboard can have only one dataset. Add more datasets by editing the dashboard’s JSON file.
  • When created in the mobile playground, dashboards can be edited in Analytics for iOS.

    When created in your Salesforce organization, dashboards can only be edited in Analytics Cloud on the Web.

  • These widgets are not available: Raw Data Table, Box, Link.