Add Your Data with the Wave Mobile Connector (v1.3)

By importing it as a dataset, you can quickly explore the data you already have on your mobile device.
In iOS, there are many places from which you can import a CSV data file, such as an email app or a Web browser. Depending on where you import a CSV data file from, the way in which you access it differs. Look for prompts to Open in... or for sharing icons (Share Icon). These prompts and icons allow you to open the CSV data file in Analytics for iOS, which launches the data import process.
Data Importer
As you prepare to import data, keep these limits and tips in mind:
  • Only CSV files and ZIP files containing CSV files can be imported as datasets.
  • Imported datasets aren’t available in Analytics Cloud on the Web. They are only available on your local device in the playground.
  • Imported datasets aren’t encrypted.